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Why is the wiper not responding?

Why is the wiper not responding?
The main reasons for no response are: 1. The motor inside the wiper system is faulty, so that the wiper cannot receive the signal to operate normally; 2. There is a problem with the sensor that senses the wiper, which makes the wiper unable to respond; 3. The connection line inside the wiper There is poor contact.
As we all know, wipers are fragile products, so in the process of daily use, car owners must develop the habit of maintaining wipers: 1. When using wipers on sunny days, you must spray glass water in advance. The damage of the glass is not worth the loss; 2. If there is stubborn and hard dirt on the glass, the owner should first clean the stolen goods by hand, and then use the wiper to clean it. In severe cases, the motor inside the wiper will be affected.
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