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How to replace the wiper motor?

How to replace the wiper motor?
When we turn on the wiper and find that the wiper does not move or moves abnormally, there may be a problem with the wiper motor. What happens when the wiper motor is broken?
1. The wiper motor has obvious abnormal noise.
2. The wiper motor is not running smoothly.
3. Disconnect the motor line plug, turn on the power supply, and use a multimeter to measure whether the motor coil is short-circuited or open-circuited.
4. There will be burnt smell when the motor is burnt out.
The removal method of the wiper motor is as follows:
1. After opening the cabin cover, you need to lift the nut cover to see a plastic tube, which is used for the conduction of wiper cleaning fluid, and pull it out;
2. Pull out the wiper. After removing the wiper, you need to remove the rear end of the bonnet cover;
3. Remove the fixing bolts of the wiper motor bracket and the motor. and remove the wiper motor.

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