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Ningbo Zhenhai Jinjian Autoparts Limited Company is a famous China Custom Winter Wiper Blades Manufacturers and custom Winter Wiper Blades factory, our company is located in the coastal city Ningbo. Hangzhou Bay Bridge and Ningbo airport&deep-seaport provide good transportation conditions for us and bring us into the economic circle of shanghai.

We specialized in wholesale Winter Wiper Blade, our products have exported to America,Europe,Southeast Asia and so on.We reward our customers with continuous improvement and best products and we use our advanced technology and high quality to build long tern stable cooperation relationship with every customer.We are working hard to be the leader in the industry. Also, advanced production equipment and rigorous quality checking instructions have ensured the high quality of our products. Our wholesale Winter Wiper Blade has a complete range of specifications--We supply all kinds of wiper blades include soft wiper blades, universal type wiper blades, special type wiper blades.


Available for OEM and ODM, design based on our professional engineer team and mould factory.

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We have our own machining workshops. So we can offer the best price and best products directly.

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Industry knowledge

What is Winter Wiper Blades?

Winter wiper blades are designed to clear ice, snow and sleet from a vehicle's windshield effectively. They have a heavier frame, a more flexible rubber blade and a design that prevents ice and snow from clogging the blade. This allows them to provide better visibility during winter weather conditions. It is important to use winter wiper blades during the winter months to ensure maximum visibility and safe driving.

Using winter wiper blades is similar to using regular wiper blades. Here are the steps to follow:

Turn off the windshield wipers and raise them to the upright position.
Locate the wiper blade arm on the windshield and release the locking mechanism that holds the blade in place.
Slide the old wiper blade off the arm and replace it with the winter wiper blade, making sure that it is securely in place on the arm.
Repeat the process on the other wiper blade.
Turn on the windshield wipers and test them to ensure they are working properly.

Note: Refer to your vehicle's owner manual for specific instructions on changing the wiper blades, as the process may vary depending on the make and model of your car.

Winter wiper blades have several advantages over traditional wiper blades, including:

1.Better Performance in Winter Conditions: Winter wiper blades have a more flexible rubber blade that is able to better clear ice, snow and sleet from the windshield.

2.Reduced Clogging: Winter wiper blades have a design that prevents ice and snow from clogging the blade, which can cause streaks and reduce visibility.

3.Heavier Frame: The heavier frame of winter wiper blades helps to prevent the blade from lifting off the windshield during heavy snowfall, ensuring clear visibility.

4.Longer Lasting: Winter wiper blades are made from materials that are more resistant to cracking and fading, which can extend their lifespan compared to traditional wiper blades.

5.Improved Safety: Winter wiper blades provide better visibility in winter weather conditions, which can improve safety while driving during these conditions.

Winter wiper blades are designed specifically for use in winter weather conditions and should be used whenever temperatures fall below freezing. This will ensure that your vehicle's windshield is clear of ice, snow, and sleet, allowing for maximum visibility and safe driving.

The use of winter wiper blades is particularly important in areas with harsh winter weather, such as areas with heavy snowfall or where temperatures consistently fall below freezing. In these areas, traditional wiper blades may not be able to effectively clear the windshield, which can pose a safety risk to the driver and passengers.

It is recommended to switch back to regular wiper blades in the spring and summer months, when temperatures are above freezing and there is less need for the added flexibility and strength of winter wiper blades.