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How to choose a car wiper

How to choose a car wiper
1. First of all, we need to know what types of wipers there are. Now the wipers on the market are mainly divided into traditional idle type, which is mainly the driver-controlled wiper, and the other is the raindrop sensor type, which senses rainwater. time to automatically act.
2. The first step in choosing a wiper is to know the model of the wiper of your own vehicle. This can be found in the manual of the following car. Be sure to choose the same type of wiper.
3. The way the strut is connected to the wiper rocker arm needs special attention. Many people tend to ignore this because some vehicles use fastening screws for the connection method.
4. When selecting the wiper, carefully check the rubber sheet of the wiper. If the rubber sheet is damaged or deformed, it will not be able to clean the rainwater during use.
5. After installing the wiper, an experiment must be done to check whether the wiper works normally at various speeds and whether the wiping effect can reach the standard.
6. The last thing to pay attention to is to listen to the sound of the wiper motor to see if there is any abnormality, to prevent problems during the installation process, and if there is any abnormal sound, close the wiper in time for inspection.