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Ningbo Zhenhai Jinjian Autoparts Limited Company is a famous China Custom Hybrid Wiper Blades Manufacturers and custom Hybrid Wiper Blades factory, our company is located in the coastal city Ningbo. Hangzhou Bay Bridge and Ningbo airport&deep-seaport provide good transportation conditions for us and bring us into the economic circle of shanghai.

We specialized in wholesale Hybrid Wiper Blade, our products have exported to America,Europe,Southeast Asia and so on.We reward our customers with continuous improvement and best products and we use our advanced technology and high quality to build long tern stable cooperation relationship with every customer.We are working hard to be the leader in the industry. Also, advanced production equipment and rigorous quality checking instructions have ensured the high quality of our products. Our wholesale Hybrid Wiper Blade has a complete range of specifications--We supply all kinds of wiper blades include soft wiper blades, universal type wiper blades, special type wiper blades.


Available for OEM and ODM, design based on our professional engineer team and mould factory.

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We have our own machining workshops. So we can offer the best price and best products directly.

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Industry knowledge

What is Hybrid Wiper Blades?

Hybrid wiper blades are a type of windshield wiper that combines the best features of traditional framed wiper blades and frameless wiper blades. They have a sturdy frame for stability and durability, as well as a soft, flexible rubber blade that provides better contact with the windshield for a smoother and more effective wiping motion. Hybrid wiper blades are designed to provide superior performance in both hot and cold weather conditions.

The benefits of using hybrid wiper blades include:

1.Improved visibility: The flexible rubber blade provides better contact with the windshield, resulting in improved visibility in rain, snow, and sleet.

2.Durability: The sturdy frame provides stability and durability, preventing the wiper blade from bending or cracking in extreme weather conditions.

3.Easy to install: Hybrid wiper blades are easy to install and compatible with most windshield wiper arms.

4.All-weather performance: These blades are designed to provide effective wiping performance in both hot and cold weather conditions.

5.Long-lasting: The combination of a sturdy frame and flexible rubber blade provides a longer lifespan compared to traditional wiper blades.

Overall, hybrid wiper blades offer a convenient, durable, and effective solution for windshield wiping needs in all weather conditions.

Hybrid wiper blades are used as a windshield wiper for vehicles, such as cars, trucks, and SUVs. They are designed to provide superior wiping performance in all weather conditions, including rain, snow, sleet, and even hot weather. The flexible rubber blade provides better contact with the windshield, resulting in improved visibility, while the sturdy frame ensures stability and durability. Hybrid wiper blades are easy to install and compatible with most windshield wiper arms, making them a popular choice for many vehicle owners.

Using hybrid wiper blades is simple and straightforward. Here are the steps to follow:

1.Determine the correct size of wiper blade for your vehicle. This information can usually be found in the vehicle owner's manual or by contacting the vehicle manufacturer.

2.Remove the old wiper blade from the wiper arm by pressing the tab or lever on the wiper blade connector.

3.Clean the wiper arm and windshield with a cloth to remove any dirt, debris, or ice.

4.Align the new hybrid wiper blade with the wiper arm, making sure that the connector is facing the correct direction.

5.Push the wiper blade onto the wiper arm until it clicks into place. If the blade is not securely attached, it may come off during use.

6.Repeat the process for the other wiper blade.

7.Test the wiper blades to make sure they are securely attached and working properly.

It's important to regularly check the condition of your wiper blades and replace them if they become worn, damaged, or ineffective. Using high-quality hybrid wiper blades can help ensure that your windshield is always clear and visible, regardless of the weather conditions.