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Simply do these points and the wipers can be used for several years

Simply do these points and swiper blade can be used for years! Wipers are a must-have item in the car, especially in rainy and snowy weather, it is really impossible without it. But some people don't pay enough attention to it, and think that the maintenance of the wiper is not important. In fact, this view is very wrong. The wipers also need our maintenance. Correct maintenance methods can prolong the service life of the wipers. At the same time, improper methods may also endanger the driving safety of drivers. Come and learn with me today the precautions for the daily use and maintenance of wipers.

1. As the name suggests, wipers are used to wipe water and clear the rain on the windshield. Therefore, it must not be used when there is no water, because using it in this case will increase the frictional force suffered by the wiper, which will lead to damage to the rubber blade and the wiper motor.

2. Try not to use it when there is a small amount of water on the windshield. After all, the rain at this time is not enough to block the driver's sight. It is best to turn on the wipers when the rain is heavy.

3. Some people like to use wipers to clean the dust on the surface of the windshield, but as we mentioned before the first point, this is very likely to damage the wipers, so if you have to do this, it is best to spray Put on glass of water and clean when there is water.

4. Some people will use wipers to forcibly remove stubborn solid substances on the glass, such as bird droppings. If you have done this, please do not do it in the future. Because the wiper blade itself is relatively thin, once you use it to clean these hard objects, it is very easy to cause damage to it, and it cannot be used normally in the future. Therefore, these harder substances are recommended to be cleaned by the owner himself, so as not to hurt the weak wipers.

5. In addition, improper car washing is also a major cause of wiper damage. Excessive force when washing the car, instead of wiping the windshield lightly, will cause the glass oil film to be washed off, which is not conducive to the flow of rainwater and increases the frictional resistance between the rubber sheet and the glass surface. This is why car owners often find that the wipers do not move and stop temporarily. If the wiper does not move and the motor continues to run, it is very easy to cause the motor to burn out.

6. If the car is going out for a long time, it is best to lift the wiper. At the same time, even if it is not raining, it is best to spray some water on the glass to wipe it.

7. Dirt on the glass and wiper will shorten the life of the wiper, so car owners must clean the above dirt frequently to reduce the wear of the wiper, thereby prolonging the life of the wiper, and trying to replace the wiper several times less.

8. Some car owners are more "violent" and will snap back the wiper after lifting it, which is also a kind of damage to the wiper. The correct method should be to take its "back" when lifting the wiper, and gently put it back when putting the wiper.

The wiper may seem small, but it is an indispensable component in rainy and snowy days. With it, the driver can see the road clearly, which is conducive to driving safety. Therefore, car owners must treat wipers correctly to ensure driving safety.