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What matters should you pay attention to when using wipers in rainy days?

What matters should you pay attention to when using wipers in rainy days? The scientific name of the wiper wiper (Windshield Wiper) refers to the sheet structure installed in front of the windshield, which is composed of a motor, a reducer, a four-bar linkage, a wiper arm spindle, and a wiper blade assembly. It is used to remove rain, snow and dust from the windshield that obstruct the view.
1. The key to the good effect of the wiper is: the rubber wiper strip can maintain sufficient moisture. Only with sufficient moisture can it have very good toughness to maintain tight contact with the window glass.
It's very simple. If a piece of rice is dried on the bowl, if you don't soak it to soften it, let alone wash the dishes, even if you scrape it with a hard tool, you won't be able to scrape it off. The same goes for the use of wipers. Many riders often complain that the wipers are not clean, and this is the reason.
2. The wiper, as the name suggests, is used to wipe the rain, not the "mud".
Therefore, the correct use of wipers can not only prolong the service life of the wipers, but also effectively maintain a good line of sight, which is more conducive to driving safety. If you want to understand these two basic points, you will generally know the correct way to use the wiper.
3. Therefore, those who do not have a garage should develop the habit of wiping the front window with a damp cloth every morning before leaving the car.
After a night, the wipers are dry. I want to use the wipers to wipe off the dust accumulated on the front window overnight. Such dry grinding is not only difficult to achieve good results, but also easy to damage the wipers. The correct method is: after wiping with a damp cloth, spray water again. Because a good glass washing water is volatile, it can quickly dry the window surface, so as to prevent the wet glass from sucking ash and mud.
4. Car friends with garages should develop the habit of cleaning the front windows when returning to the garage every night to collect the car.
Especially after returning from the rain, the water droplets accumulated on the front window, and the second in the morning, after drying into water stains, and then incorporating the absorbed dust, the front window is difficult to be wiped clean by the wiper alone. If the night before, take a wet wiper, wipe the front window clean. The next morning, it was easy and clean to drive on the road.
5. Don't rush to turn on the wipers when there is light rain while driving.
At this time, the water on the front window is insufficient, and the wiper wipes dry, which will only have the opposite effect. The scratched mud stains on flat windscree wiper blades manufacturers the front window are difficult to scrape off again. If the raindrops accumulate slowly and do not affect the line of sight, it is best to wait for more raindrops to accumulate on the front window before turning on the wipers. Start to use the wiper in light rain, it is best to spray the glass water before starting to wipe (the glass water spray can not only be used when parking, but also can be used while driving). To ensure that there is enough water on the front window to moisten the wipers.
6. It is best to use the second gear for the wiper, and continuously scrape back and forth.
Some riders like to use intermittent mode to scrape in light rain, which is not very good. When driving on the road, it is not only necessary to prevent the rain in the sky, but also to prevent the muddy water splashed by the car in front. In this case, the intermittent mode is easy to scrape the front window into muddy patterns, which seriously affects the line of sight.
7. When the rain stops on the road, don't rush to turn off the wipers.
The principle is the same as above. When the front window is splashed with mud from the car in flat windscree wiper blades factory front, and then hurriedly turn on the wipers, it will become mud scraping.