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Selection and purchase methods of automobile wipers

The wiper is an essential part of every car. The wipers can remove the raindrops in rainy days and improve the driver's visibility, which is an important guarantee for driving safety in rainy and snowy weather. The wiper is a device used to wipe the rain and dust attached to the windshield of the vehicle, so as to improve the driver's visibility and increase driving safety. How to choose a good car wiper?

Now there are two states of wiper water on the market, one is liquid, the other is solid; Among them, liquid is also divided into concentrated and non concentrated. How to choose between the two different states depends on the convenience of consumers' habit of adding wiper water. If you need to spray the wiper water frequently, the wiper water will be used up quickly, and then you add it yourself. It is recommended to choose solid wiper water.

There are many types of liquid wiper water

There are two types of liquid wiper water: concentrated type and non concentrated type. The concentrated solution can only be used after being diluted with fresh water; The non concentrated solution can be directly added for use without adding water for dilution. In addition, I found a special place, non concentrated liquid, and different antifreeze indexes. For example, there are three kinds of non concentrated liquid in Guipai: 0 ℃, - 25 ℃ and - 42 ℃. There are three different antifreeze indexes. Consumers in different climates can choose wiper wipers with different antifreeze indexes according to the local climate change.

Solid wiper water is convenient to carry

Compared with the liquid wiper water, the solid wiper water is more portable. A small one can dilute 4L of clear water. If the wiper water storage tank is only 2L, it can be added in half. For those car owners who do not want to put a bottle of liquid wiper water on the car, solid concentrated wiper water pills are the ideal choice. The advantage of solid concentrated wiper water is that when the wiper water tank is full, I feel that there is too little detergent in the wiper water, so I can throw a piece of it into the tank at any time, which is convenient.