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How to solve the problem of wiper with three solutions

With the development of social economy, there are more and more vehicles on the streets. The common ones are cars that walk through the streets, police cars that serve the people, ambulances, fire engines, sprinklers, taxis and buses. Vehicle maintenance is a big problem. Choose a small one -- the wiper, and talk with you in detail. The wiper is just a decoration in sunny days, which has no substantial effect. To be more useful, it adds a sense of appearance to the bare front window; But in rainy days, it will play a vital role. Without its diligent glass brushing, you will not be able to see the road ahead clearly, and there is a possibility of accidents at any time. If it can function normally, the safety of the road will be guaranteed. If not, there will be various small problems on the road. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that the wiper can work normally. Check and clean the wiper regularly.
Due to the acid rain, the wiper will inevitably be severely corroded if it is exposed to rain for a long time. When you drive out in rainy days and turn on the wipers, it will be unclean and more and more blurry, which will block the driving vision and seriously affect the driving safety. Some car owners are very headstrong. They just replace it with a new one. This is a waste of resources. In fact, just be patient and simply clean it up. Next, the wiper manufacturer will introduce a smart way to clean the wiper.
First, check whether there is an oil film on the car glass. If there is an oil film, use professional car glass water to clean it. Professional car glass water can quickly remove oil stains without damaging the glass. If you use kitchen products to remove oil stains, the glass will be damaged, reducing the life of the glass. After the oil film is removed, the wiper can easily clean the glass.
Secondly, automobile wipers are exposed to the wind, sun, rain and snow for a long time, and are prone to aging, corrosion and other phenomena. If the wiper cannot clean the glass during operation, check whether a wiper is aged. In fact, the rubber strip of the wiper is not easy to age and harden, which is generally caused by the roughness of the rubber strip of the wiper, as long as it is polished and smooth. Prepare a small piece of 2000 mesh water sandpaper, then remove the wiper, gently wipe the wiper with water sandpaper dipped in some clean water, clean it, install it, and check it.
Finally, it is also possible that the wiper can not wipe clean due to poor angle. The car owner only needs to simply adjust it according to the following methods. The debugging method is as follows: clamp the wiper with a wrench, then roll it gently and adjust it to a straight state. If not, the pressure is too high, just relax the spring.
After a long period of oil accumulation, if you want to get a clear driving vision, you need to clean the glass. Ordinary detergents are easy to damage the glass, so you need to choose professional glass water to clean the glass without damaging it. It's very important to choose professional glass water. The recommended professional glass water is practical and cheap. It's a good choice.
Still worrying about the oil stain on the glass? Especially the glass on the car should be clean and transparent, which is the problem. It will be very comfortable to choose this kind of glass essence, which is easy to carry and has an amazing effect, because it can not only maintain the glass, but also nourish the wiper.
The cleaning of car glass and wiper is very important. It is important to stick to maintenance and choose a good cleaner. E-LUCHI concentrated coated glass water with the characteristics of coating and water displacement, efficient cleaning, curing adhesive strips, and oil removal is the best choice.
The wiper has been exposed to the wind, sun, rain and snow for a long time, which is very important for its maintenance and repair. Shuaibeite is not only a car wiper repair device, but also a boneless wiper repair device, and also a rubber strip repair device. It is a good car owner's essential product. It can not only prolong the life, but also improve the efficiency.
Clean the car glass, prepare professional glass water and have a good rag. It is very important to have a water absorbing and easy to clean rag, so that the washed glass can be instantly dry and transparent, and it looks very comfortable.
When driving out in foggy weather, it is useless to have wipers and blurred vision. What should I do? Mist remover is the magic weapon at this time, which will refresh the glass, have a bright vision, and be comfortable driving on the road. We are all experts in traveling. How can we get rid of such necessities. This demister is cheap and practical, with obvious effect.
It is very important to remove oil and water from the car glass, otherwise, the vision is not wide, and it is easy to cause traffic accidents. Choose a set of products to remove oil and water, so that you can travel safely and also protect the wiper. This is a double harvest.