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Ways to extend the service life of wipers

As we all know, wipers are vulnerable parts of automobiles, and bad usage habits can easily damage the wipers and affect driving safety. So how do we usually maintain the wiper to extend its service life?

First of all, we need to understand the premise of the normal operation of the wiper:

1. Make sure the windshield and wiper strips are clean.

2. All wiper system parts work normally.

3. Correct wiper usage and maintenance habits.

Secondly, we need to know what are the reasons why the wipers are not wiped cleanly?

1. The quality of the wiper strip, the core of the wiper is the strip, and the strip of poor quality is easy to become brittle and break.

2. The structure of the wiper itself, the structure of the wiper is too thin, and the middle or both ends will not be wiped when it is pressed down.

3. The condition of the windshield, if there are cracks, pits, bird droppings, etc. on the windshield, it will not take long for the good wiper to be scratched.

4. Personal usage habits and maintenance, there is grit, oil, gum, etc. on the windshield, or the windshield is often not cleaned, and the wiper is also easily damaged.

5. The use environment, the amount of local dust, excessive sandstorm or acid rain can also easily damage the wiper.

To sum up, it is also extremely important to choose a good quality wiper to prolong the life of the wiper.