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How to change car wipers by yourself

Wipers are also called wipers. After years of use, car wipers often have problems such as dirty, squeaky, and rain residue. Especially in summer, thunderstorms and heavy rains affect driving safety, so it is necessary to replace them in time.
Recommended replacement cycle: 1 year
Before starting the wiper, spray the glass water properly, otherwise it will lead to dry wiping, which will wear the wiper seriously, and even scratch the front windshield. The wiper blade is a wearing part. If the wiper blade is not clean, it can be replaced.
They are mainly divided into two categories: bony and boneless wipers
The types of wipers are mainly divided into boneless wipers and boneless wipers. The boneless wipers are lighter in weight and simpler in structure. The pressure can be evenly transmitted to the wiper rubber strip to reduce jitter wear. Therefore, more and more models are now equipped with boneless wipers.
Pay attention to the different interfaces of the wiper
When replacing the wiper, it is not necessary to use the original wiper brand, as long as the size and interface are suitable for your model. In addition, in non 4S store channels, car owners can also buy products of the same brand (not the same products of the original car, but only the same brand products), but these brand products will not affect the daily use of the car.
What should you pay special attention to when replacing the wiper?
In fact, there are some tips for replacing the wiper. For example, in many Volkswagen models, you can insert the key, turn it on and turn it to OFF, then gently press down the wiper gear lever and click the brush mode. At this time, the wiper will automatically shift to the 90 ° vertical position to facilitate the replacement of the wiper.
Prevent the wiper arm from hitting the front windshield when changing the wiper
After removing the original wiper, be careful not to loosen the wiper control arm at will. If this iron block hits the front windshield, it may directly break the glass. When replacing, pay attention to put a protective pad or rag on the glass to prevent accidents.
Personal advice
The wipers are usually not very expensive, just tens of yuan. You can replace them yourself, saving time, effort and money. There is no need to go to the 4S store to spend this money wrongly. After you replace the wipers yourself, you will still feel a sense of achievement. Just pay attention to some of the precautions I mentioned above when you replace them.