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Unable to print the train in the rain

Start-up car rain print, rain print is usually made of high quality materials, easy to handle, has its own service life, we usually use it at a high rate of weather conditions, and it is used in the rain after the wind blows the sun. Down,That's why,Drivers always meet this problem!

1. Water issues

There is a crystal clear water display on the top after the rain has been cut off, and there are small water beads attached to the glass. It is possible to create problems such as the oil film or the quality of the rain protector itself, and the remaining glass beads on the glass can be easily created, affecting the safety of the train.

2. Friction
Long-term exposure to rain in the air, inevitably exposing the condition to aging, the condition of permanent wear. And the most obvious manifestation is the frictional damage produced between the glass and the glass when it is in the rain.

3. Concrete trace
The current water situation is different, and it is possible that there is a problem with printing rain. So, this is the rain printer and the wind glass is incompletely coordinated, of course, it is possible that the rain printer is a fixed issue.

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