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How to use the boneless wiper

On a rainy day, when the raindrops fall on the window glass, the vision in front of the car is quickly obstructed, and the vehicles, pedestrians and scenery become blurred. At this point, turn on the wipers, and the front of the car will be clear.

If the vehicle is driven in the rain, the wipers are not used or the wipers fail to work properly, which is very detrimental to driving safety.

(1) Before heavy rain, you should check whether the car wiper can work normally.

(2) On rainy days, rapid and large raindrops hit the windshield. Even if the wiper moves fast, it is difficult to wipe off the raindrops, which affects the driver's vision. In order to ensure driving safety, stop driving immediately.

For example, the reason why the wiper is not clean: The reason why the wiper is always not clean is that there is invisible dirt on the glass. One is that the car is parked in the downwind of the cooling water tower of the central air conditioner. The cooling water tower scatters the particles after the water torn on the glass to form small white spots. After drying, it is difficult to completely remove them; The mucus sticks to the glass of the car; the third is the mucus of insect corpses smashed by high-speed long-distance running. Since these things stick to the glass, it is difficult to completely remove them with water and a car wipe (just can't see them), forming a bumpy surface on the glass. In this way, when the wiper is used, the glass will not be wiped cleanly. Wet the glass with water, and gently touch the glass back and forth with your hands. If the glass surface is not smooth, there is a foreign body. When cleaning, you can try to wipe it with warm water several times, and then gently rub it with your hands, or you can use newspaper to remove these difficult-to-remove dirt little by little, the effect is good, and then touch the glass with your hands after rinsing with water, Very smooth. At this point, turn on the wiper and try it out, and it is very clean. Owners with such sunny conditions can try it.