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Common interface of automobile wiper

U-shaped automobile wiper interface

The wiper arm of this interface is a traditional style with strong unity. As long as the purchased wiper is U-shaped, it can be installed. However, the replacement method of this wiper is relatively old today, and the installation method is not so user-friendly. This kind of wiper is commonly used on mid and low-end models, mainly matched with bone wiper.

When disassembling, you need to push the wiper towards the root of the wiper arm first, and then pull it out in the opposite direction after it is separated from the interface of the wiper arm. This action requires a more delicate technique. Before pulling it out, you need to rotate the movable wiper blade, otherwise it will be blocked when pulling it out. It should be noted here that many wipers are very tight when they are disassembled. At this time, we should not exert too much force, otherwise we may easily hurt the wiper interface and our hands.

Plug in automobile wiper interface

Plug in automobile wiper style ①

This kind of wiper interface is to insert the wiper directly into the wiper arm and lock it with the locking block. It is very simple to identify this type of interface. Just observe whether there is a "small button" on the wiper arm. During replacement, we use one hand to press the small button on the wiper arm to the end, so that the wiper can move. The other hand can pull the wiper outward to remove it. The installation is simpler. Insert the new wiper directly into the wiper arm.

Plug in automobile wiper style ②

The fixing method of this type of wiper is similar to the previous one, but the locking button is not above the wiper arm, but on both sides. During removal, one hand is required to press the locking buttons on both sides of the wiper, and the other hand is required to pull the wiper outward. However, the alignment of this structure will be awkward during installation. Do not use excessive force, or the wiper interface will be injured.

The above two wiper arm interfaces are mostly found in Japanese, Korean and American cars.

Plug in automobile wiper style ③

This kind of wiper is easy to identify from the appearance. It seems that two layers of wiper arm and wiper link fall together. I personally think it is convenient to replace this kind of wiper. After the wiper arm is erected, the wiper can be removed from the wiper arm without touching any locking device by rotating the wiper to a position perpendicular to the wiper arm. This kind of wiper arm often appears on European models, and Fox uses this kind of wiper arm.