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Replacement cycle of automobile parts combination

Although the wiper looks humble, the wiper is related to car safety, very important parts. Just imagine, if the wiper is not clean, everything is foggy. If you bring your own haze filter, your site will be blocked and your driving safety will be affected.

Under normal circumstances, the replacement cycle of the wiper is 1-2 years. When the wiper is not clean and the wiper glass makes abnormal noise, the wiper needs to be replaced.
The current wiper is divided into bone Wiper and boneless wiper, the cleaning effect of the bone wiper is better than boneless wiper. The cost of replacement is also relatively low. A pair of wipers cost about tens of yuan. Replacement is also very simple, you can operate. For example, I change the wiper strip once a year. It costs more than ten yuan at a time. I replace it according to the instructions, and it can be replaced in about half an hour.
When changing, you should first take out the original wiper strip. When installing a new wiper, you can apply some lubricant, engine oil, edible oil, detergent and other things on the wiper bracket and a wiper rubber strip. This will make the installation smoother.