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The wipers are getting blurry, do you know why

Summer is here, I don't know if you have a county, when there is a lot of rain, the wipers are often used, and it will not be clean no matter how much you scrape? If the inside of the car is foggy, the front view is hazy. Today, let me tell you that the car wipers are getting blurrier and blurrier. Do you know the reason?

The car wiper is an important accessory installed on the windshield. Its function is to sweep away the rain, snow and dust that obstruct the sight on the windshield. Therefore, it plays an important role in driving safety.

Wipers generally include vacuum wipers, electric wipers, and wipers with electronic control units. In fact, the rubber strip at the front end of the wiper is made of rubber, and if it has been placed outside the car, it will age and crack for a long time. If it is not maintained and maintained in time, the life of the wiper will be greatly reduced. How to maintain it?

①Do not expose to the sun for a long time

It is hot in summer and the weather is hot, the temperature of the front windshield is relatively high, and the wiper is close to the windshield. After being roasted at high temperature, the wiper is easy to age. If there is no shade in the summer, it is more appropriate to put the wipers upright.

②Appropriate use of lubricants

When using the car wiper again, do not wipe dry, be sure to lubricate it first. If it is dry scraped, it will cause the rubber strip to be deformed or even blurred.

③ If there are sundries, they should be cleaned up in time

If there are sundries under the wiper, such as leaves, etc., it must be cleaned up in time, otherwise it is easy to scratch the glass, and it will also cause blurred vision.

④ Clean the wiper strips from time to time

Car wipers are easily stained after being used for a long time. Remember to wipe them with a damp cloth from time to time.