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Common fault causes of wiper assembly and their countermeasures

Common fault causes of wiper assembly and what are the countermeasures? We know that the wiper assembly is a complete set of products such as wiper blades, wiper arms and wiper electrical appliances. Relevant data shows that the failure of the wiper assembly is mainly at the wiper motor, which is mainly divided into five types. They are water inflow inside the motor, rust on the gear shaft, overload burnout, gear tooth picking and brush holder deformation. Today, let's talk about the countermeasures to deal with the wiper motor failure.

Water entering the motor of the wiper assembly is one of the more frequent faults of the wiper motor. Generally, the water in the motor will directly cause the function of the wiper motor to fail. The reason is mainly due to the failure of the sealing ring or the unreasonable design of the sealing groove and the sealing ring. In response to this fault, the wire diameter of the rubber o-ring can be appropriately increased or the plastic with high sealing performance can be used as the material of the gasket.

There are generally two reasons for overload burnout. One is that the wiper motor shaft is overheated and burnt due to the overloaded operation of the wiper assembly, and the other is that the wiper motor is damaged due to water intake and rust, causing the main shaft to burn out. For the first fault, wiper motor manufacturers generally choose to install motor overload protection measures or perform heat-resistant treatment on the spindle. The second type of failure is generally caused by the insufficiency of the main shaft material against rust, and it can be properly replaced with a rust-resistant and waterproof material to manufacture the wiper motor spindle of the wiper assembly.

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