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Wipers move but no water

Wipers move but no water
If you find that the wipers are moving but the wiper nozzles are not spraying water, the common reasons are:

1. Check whether the glass water is missing: Check the glass water storage tank and observe whether the glass water is used up. If the glass water is used up, please add the glass water in time. When the windshield is watered, be sure to add a liquid with a suitable freezing point;

2. Check whether the glass water is frozen. If it is frozen, you can add warm water or drive the car to the basement. After the ice melts, put away the old liquid and add glass water with a suitable freezing point;

3. Clogged filter screen or water spray hole: caused by using inferior glass water or tap water. Clean the filter or spray holes.

4. There is a leak in the water spray motor or the water spray pipeline, which causes the glass water to fail to build up pressure in the pipeline. so that it cannot be ejected. Repair damaged parts.

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