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What are the main principles of coated wipers

What are the main principles of coated wipers? With temperature resistance, silicone can withstand not only high temperature but also low temperature, and can be used in a wide temperature range. Whether it is chemical properties or physical and mechanical properties, the change with temperature is very small. Weather resistance, not easy to be decomposed by ultraviolet light and ozone. Silicone has better thermal stability, radiation resistance and weather resistance than other polymer materials.

The service life of silicone in natural environment can reach several decades. Physiologically inert, silica gel is very resistant to biological aging, has no rejection reaction with animals, and has good anticoagulant properties, making it suitable for human prostheses or bionic parts.

The principle of the silicone wiper is the nano-coating permeated by the silicone rubber strip, and the nano-coating is applied to the windshield (that is, the coating) through the silicone strip to dry the glass, so that the rainwater drips onto the windshield and rolls off immediately. The industry is called the lotus leaf molecular effect. Normally, coated glass is water-resistant.

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