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What are the classifications of wipers

Bone wiper

A bone wiper is a wiper with several skeletons that exert pressure on the wiper. These skeletons simultaneously apply pressure to the wiper blade to wipe the glass. This wiper has obvious shortcomings, that is, the wiper is not clean enough, and there are water marks. Because the skeleton disperses the pressure, the pressure on the wiper blade is not strong enough, and the wiper blade and the glass cannot be attached particularly tightly.

Of course, there are advantages. The force of each support point of the bone wiper is relatively uniform, so the wear of the wiper blade is relatively uniform. Also, when it snows in winter, a snow removal strip can be installed on the bone wiper. But I don't think this is really useful. I have the time to change the snow strips. I have used a small snow shovel to shovel the snow.

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2. Boneless wipers

Besides, this boneless wiper, as the name suggests, has no skeleton on it. It uses a whole steel sheet to exert pressure to scrape the glass. It's more advanced than the boney ones I just said. In fact, boneless wipers are recommended, which shave more cleanly and have less water marks. Because of the structure of the boneless wiper, the vibration is relatively small when it is working, so that the wear and tear is also small. In addition to the advantages of uniform force and light weight, the service life will be longer than that of the bone wiper.