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There is an oil film after the wiper wiper

There is an oil film after the wiper wiper
This situation is normal. The oil film avoided by the windshield may be caused by the exhaust gas emitted by the vehicle in front during traffic jams, or it may be caused by the exhaust vents of some range hoods in the parking place. Use hot water to wipe the windshield to remove the oil film, or use dish soap to clean the windshield. Some high-end car wipers are coated wipers, which form a hydrophobic film after scraping the glass so that small water droplets will not collect on the windshield.

The price of coated wipers is generally more expensive. If there are dirt on the windshield when using the car, it must be cleaned up in time, otherwise it will be more difficult to clean up the dirt after oxidation. It is recommended to use detergent to wipe the windshield regularly when using the car, so as to keep the windshield clean and bright. Do not use inferior products when using wiper water. Inferior wiper water will also cause an oil film to form on the windshield, and the cleaning ability of inferior wiper water is relatively poor. When buying glass water, you must choose genuine products of big brands. After washing the car, be sure to wipe off the remaining water on the windshield before driving out. If you do not need to drive for a long time, it is recommended to cover the car with a car jacket, which can prevent the windshield from getting dirty, and can also protect the paint surface of the car body and slow down the oxidation rate of the paint surface of the car body.

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