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How to use car wipers

The wiper of the car is a function that needs to be used frequently. If the owner cannot use the wiper correctly, the car glass cannot be cleaned well. So what is the use method of the wiper of the car?

Different models of wipers have different usage methods. We will introduce the common usage of wipers. There are 7 functions on the control lever of this wiper.

1. A is the adjustment knob of the wiper, which is used to adjust the frequency of the wiper of the car.

2. B is the jog operation function of the wiper. If it is pushed to this gear, the wiper will scrape once.

3. C is the close button for the wiper to close. Put the gear here and the wiper will be closed.

4. D is to open the automatic adjustment state of the wiper, and the wiper will change the frequency of scraping according to the amount of rain.

5. E and F are the high-speed mode and low-speed mode of the wiper respectively. The owner can adjust the working mode of the wiper according to the needs.

6. G is the glass water switch of the wiper. The owner pulls the handle inward, and the glass water of the car will also be sprayed while the wiper is working.