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How does the choice of material for a special wiper blades affect performance?

1. Wiping effect: The material’s direct impact on the wiping effect lies in its fit and wear resistance. High-quality rubber or silicone material can better adapt to the curve of the windshield, ensuring a perfect fit when scraping, thus improving the wiping effect. For example, the Bosch ICON wiper uses double rubber technology to effectively fit the curve of the glass, ensuring clear and efficient wiping.
2. Durability: Durability relates to the ability of the wiper blades to effectively perform their functions after prolonged use. High-performance rubber or synthetic rubber materials resist UV rays, weather changes and chemicals, keeping the wiper strips flexible. For example, the Rain-X Latitude wipers use natural rubber and graphite coatings to increase durability and extend the life of the wipers.
3. Quietness: The selection of some special wiper blades materials can reduce the noise generated during scraping. Using some shock-absorbing and noise-canceling technology, such as special coatings or multi-layer rubber designs, can reduce the harsh noise caused by friction with the windshield. For example, Valeo Ultimate wipers use silent rubber to provide a quieter wiping experience.
4. Frost resistance: Special wipers need to remain flexible in cold conditions to ensure normal operation. Silicone is a material commonly used for anti-freeze properties because it remains flexible at low temperatures. Bosch Envision wipers use dual-material rubber to ensure flexible wiping in freezing weather.
5. Anti-UV properties: More and more special wipers adopt anti-UV technology to prevent aging caused by ultraviolet radiation. For example, Michelin Stealth Ultra wipers use Smart-Flex technology, which effectively resists UV radiation and maintains the softness of the rubber.
6. Environmental protection: The increase in environmental awareness has prompted manufacturers to choose more environmentally friendly wiper materials. For example, Aero Voyager wipers are made of recyclable rubber, which reduces the impact on the environment and meets the sustainability requirements of modern society.

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